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The Vimeo video platform has just introduced Copyright Match, a new platform aimed at countering instances of piracy. The system is designed to  “respect the boundaries of copyright law and the rights of other creators.” To this point, Vimeo has not been much of piracy destination and has instead found a home as a showcase for creators.

Vimeo Adds New Features

The timing coincides with Vimeo’s introduction of new features like Vimeo on Demand that enables viewers to pay a fee directly to content producers. Copyright Match grabs a piece of audio from every submitted video. If it finds a match with copyrighted material it informs you of a potential problem. Creators have the option to buy matching audio from the Vimeo Music Store. Unlike the anti-piracy systems supported by Google and others, creators have the opportunity to appeal false matches and to submit Fair Use claims for consideration.

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