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Twitter Music will soon be a reality.

Twitter‘s music app will soon be a reality. Music has long been one of the most commonly tweeted topics on the micro-blogging site. Soon Twitter will be giving users more to Tweet about and a reason to stay on line for longer periods of time. It seems like good news for readers of CreativityTech. In addition to  providing information about established artists, it will include information about “up and coming” artists. That info is from Ryan Seacrest who, judging from recent tweets, has had access to the new service.

Rumors about the site have been around for a while, and this afternoon All Things D reported that celebrities are being given access this weekend. Everyone else will have to wait a day. The strategy seems to be to build excitement and Tweets around the Coachella music festival, taking place this weekend in the California desert.

There’s been much speculation about what the Twitter music service will actually do, but not yet much in the way of answers. One clue: Twitter recently acquired the site We Are Hunted, which recommends new music to its users based on social-media conversation. Again, this points to good news for independent artists who may depend on building an audience through social media and word of mouth.  We’ll see what leaks out this weekend.

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