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The Master of the Question is 135 years young today. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to Question Day. Great ideas often start with a question not an answer. That proposition was demonstrated aptly by Albert Einstein whose questions led to some of history’s greatest scientific breakthroughs and whose 135th birthday is today. Question Day is the brainchild of author Warren Berger and the non-profit Right Question Institute. The purpose is to celebrate the art of the question as well as to encourage creativity in creating and asking, you got it, questions.

Warren Berger, who has just published the book “A More Beautiful Question,” has spent much of the last several years examining the art of the question and its important links to creativity of all types. Questions lay a foundation for success in really any endeavor, according to Berger. The Right Question Institute is a non-profit group that goes into schools around the country, including many low-income schools, to help teachers teach questioning skills to kids.

The idea behind Question Day is just to generate some conversation about questioning, via social media and a website called QuestionDay2014.com. There’s lots of interesting info and links on the site—for instance:

– Articles about why questioning is so important in both business and education;
– Take a quiz to test your inquiry skills;
– See a 2 minute film about what “kills” questioning;
– Find out what happens when celebrities like Benedict Cumberbatch and Kanye West release their “inner Einstein” (see “Einstein Fusion” slideshare on the site)


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