FV Everywhere Presents Fandor

Fandor is one of TV Everywhere‘s latest additions.

The reality of TV Everywhere has finally caught up with the concept of TV Everywhere. Thanks to advances in technology, it is  now possible to watch TV wherever you are and whenever you want it. That’s great news for content producers and viewers alike.

The options available are even causing increasing numbers of viewers to decouple from their cable boxes. A growing number of streaming video services like Hulu, Roku and HBOGo are providing providing access to niche as well as main stream, mass market content. It’s also a great opportunity for producers to ensure audiences for and income from their work.

Fandor is one of the latest streaming services showing some interesting content not found anywhere else. And it’s all for a $10 monthly subscription. From an Australian documentary on Scientology and the 2013 Oscar nominated 5 Broken Cameras to David Selznick’s A Star is Born and early films from the late 19th Century, Fandor presents an eclectic and engaging mix. Fandor also allows you to explore on your on or to consult their curated lists. Fandor flies its independent flag proudly, proclaiming:  “Most of our films fall outside mainstream channels and we love that, because there are plenty of places to watch those films online.”

Fandor also delivers on its promise of independence to producers. Half of the subscription fees flow directly to content producers. Filmmakers also receive additional funds based on views of their own films. Fandor is a great example of service that should encourage growth of on demand streaming services. Viewers get what they want. Producers get the viewers and the revenues that they need to continue creating quality content .





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