United States: Cleveland Museum of Art in Clev...

United States: Cleveland Museum of Art in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Cleveland Museum of Art’s Gallery One is at the forefront of the interplay of art and technology with the installatio of a 4o foot wide screen that shows over 3,500 pieces on display in the museum.  One can simply touch on the image of the object they are interested in and the image immediately becomes enlarged on the screen.  Among other things, information about the piece is given, objects similar in taste and style are shown to the user and the location in the museum of the actual image is given.

If the museum visitor touches a heart shaped icon on the corner of the image, the visitor can transfer the selected piece of artwork onto an iPad by placing their device on one of eight docking stations, which identify an iPad by detecting an RFID chip on the back of its case. This enables the art lover to literally curate favorite selections for later at home or on-the-go viewing.  There is no need to fret if you forget your iPad as 70 loaners are available for daily use at the museum for just $5. The museum’s website does advise visitors that iPads are not essential to experience many parts of Gallery One.

The museum also has an iPad app, ArtLens, that provides the user about nine hours worth of additional multimedia content.  In addition, there is an interactive map in ArtLens that helps guide individuals throughout the museum and find pieces of art with accompanying information nearby.

In our opinion, it will not be long before versions of Gallery One’s offerings are seen in major art museums throughout the country.

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