3D printing is becoming a little bit of an obsession with me. I truly believe that it is truly poised to be the next disruptive technology in manufacturing and retail. The effectiveness of 3D printing can and will be felt even by individual content creators. Your plans can be turned into prototypes, and production can even be launched with the flip of a switch.

Nike, often described as one of the most innovative companies around, is now getting its feet wet. Nike has just debuted the first ever football cleat built using 3D printing technology. It’s a world away from when Bob Bowerman started using an old waffle iron to create the treads for the company that eventually become Nike at Oregon track meets.

Nike’s Vapor Laser Talon weighs in at 5.6 ounces and is designed specifically to provide optimal traction on football turf and to enable players to stand their “drive stance” longer. Nike has said that the technology enabled Nike to create a working prototype in a fraction of the time that it would normally take and the product weighs a fraction of what it would if it had been developed using traditional means.

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