WheretoWatch_Image_472x394_Devices_v3The MPAA’s six member studios have just released WheretoWatch.com, a search engine that makes it easier than ever before to find and watch your favorite movies and television shows online. The introduction of the site is as a powerful counter to pirate sites that claim they’re in business only because viewers have no legitimate means to access their favorite movies and television shows. In fact, today there are more than 100 legal online services delivering movie and television content in the United States films and 56 billion television episodes in 2013 alone.

WheretoWatch.com provides “one-stop” shopping to find content from a variety of sources online. While many legitimate streaming and other sites have been available online, it is true that it has been sometimes difficult to access them and to find exactly what you’re looking for. The ad-free, streamlined platform will make searching for movies and shows easier than ever before.

Some of the features offered by WheretoWatch.com:

o You can search for movie availability on digital downloading and streaming sites, as well as in stores and kiosks.

o If you provide information on where you live, WheretoWatch.com will  provide theater times and locations for every newly released movie nearby.

o You can watch trailers and find out what is happening behind the scenes with fresh, original content produced every day by the MPAA’s online magazine, The Credits.

o You also have the ability to set alerts powered by GoWatchIt and receive notifications when the content you are interested in becomes available from your favorite providers.