Just before we close out National Small Business Week (not that you can’t support your local business every day… in fact, go and do that right after you read this post!), here’s a neat reminder of just how much the movie and television industries contribute to the small businesses that keep our country running.

The Motion Picture Association of America does a great job reminding us that there is much more to the film and TV than Hollywood.

From $41 billion in payments to hundreds of thousands of suppliers, to the thousands of full-time jobs it helps to support in every state, movies and television provide a strong backbone of economic support, as this MPAA infographic shows:

Film and TV Small Business Infographic
Remember that the headline figures here are taken from 2011, right in the middle of one of the sharpest economic downturns in U.S. history. In good times and bad, Americans still turn to movies and TV for the entertainment that not only provides leisure time for families, but keeps people across the country in skilled employment.

So as we all support the little guy this week, remember to look beyond those big blockbuster budgets and note that every visit to a movie theater or tuning in to your favorite TV show also helps to support small business in America.

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