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Casting an eye over the most pirated movies and television shows of 2013 pushes home the need for renewed vigor in the fight against piracy. A New Year provides a fresh opportunity to explore new initiatives and continue the successes of existing ones, which of course we will continue to bring you as they develop.

For movie-makers, the top 10 most pirated movies of the past year is unsurprisingly packed with big name blockbusters, topped by ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’. The first installment of Peter Jackson’s latest epic was illegally downloaded 8.4 million times according to the annual review report from Torrent Freak, while the total of the top 10 amounted to the sobering figure of almost 75 million illegal downloads.

Television shows suffered lower levels of illegal access in terms of the top 10, hitting 32.7 million downloads across the top 10, though the figures still show the continued need to battle piracy at every level. The most pirated television show of 2013 was HBO’s Game of Thrones, which was stolen 5.9 million times and beat out ‘Breaking Bad’ at a distant second with 4.2 million illegal downloads. The mix of network television and premium cable programming demonstrates that the problem of piracy spans the range of broadcasters and must be addressed across the board.

By reviewing the fight for copyright in 2013 and the sustained wave of popular pirated content, we can observe the industry trends and better understand where efforts to ensure creator compensation must be directed in 2014. Blockbuster movies and outstanding TV series will always attract attention from those seeking some form of access. As the executive producer of ‘The Walking Dead’, another show among the most pirated of 2013, recently explained, changing consumer habits by educating on the consequences of piracy will be an important part of reducing the number of illegal downloads during the year ahead.


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