Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey has his sights set on becoming the mayor of New York.

Jack Dorsey was the subject of a CBS News 60 Minutes profile on Sunday evening. There, Dorsey was named the “next” Steve Jobs. In fact, Dorsey was described as even more of a “geek” than Jobs due to his programming prowess.

Dorsey epitomizes the link between creativity and technology in his day to day life. He thinks about approaching everyday problems in the most creative way posible. Twitter was founded as a way to facilitate immediate contact and conversation. Dorsey’s initial idea originated with a childhood fascination with the rapid and constant short hand communications between first responders.

Dorsey also emphasizes that simplicity places an important role in solving problems and to be truly elegant must fade into the background. He uses the Golden Gate bridge as an example. It’s so useful and so much a part of life that the complexity of the structure itself fades into the background. That simplicity was the motivation behind creating Twitter.

Simplicity and elegance were also the forces behind the creation of Dorsey’s credit card payment Square. Square makes it easy and seamless for anyone to accept credit cards. Dorsey’s next project is Square Wallet. Square Wallet may some day soon make actual cash irrelevant.

Jack Dorsey also has political ambitions. His goal is to someday become the mayor of New York City. Was the 60 Minutes profile the start of a political career? Showing a photo of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, CBS’ Lara Logan pointed out that it doesn’t hurt to be a billionaire to run for may. Jack Dorsey can check that box.


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