Giggem is a new matchmaking site for musicians.

Giggem is what you get when you cross with Linkedin and add a good measure of MySpace, circa 2003. Giggem is a site that allows musicians to find bands and bands to find musicians. Giggem’s founder Emir Turan found and niche and went for it.

A musician’s resume acts as his or her home page and Giggem’s algorithm goes to work, finding a bands looking for his or her talents. Musicians can include links to music samples and experiences. They can go as far as uploading albums, videos and photos. The one variable that remains elusive is chemistry. How’s a band going to wind up with Ringo and not Pete Best? Well, for now at least Giggem, has not figured out a way to catch lightening in a bottle. The chemistry is up to you.

A musician’s resume serves as his or her homepage on Giggem.


Turan, a musician himself, was disappointed with the options open to musicians looking for find spots in bands, sites like Craigslist. So, he went and created his own. The site launched earlier this month and it’s free to participate. That raises the ever present question of how the site is going to make money. Turan says that he plans to run ads and to introduce a suite of pro tools.



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