Eiffel Tower, seen from the champ de Mars, Par...

You never know where creativity will strike. It struck New York composer Joseph Bertolozzi at the Eiffel Tower. The 324 meter tower is serving as Bertolozzi’s creative muse as well as the actual source of his composition, “Tower Music.” Since May 27 Bertolozzi and his team have collected more than 2,000 sound samples generated by hitting the tower at different places on the Eiffel Tower with different implements. The “drumsticks” range from latex mallets to a log covered with lambs wool.

This isn’t the first time Bertolozzi has made music with the help of super structures. Several years ago he started with New York’s Mid-Hudson suspension bridge. The resulting CD, “Bridge Music” reached number 18¬†on the Billboard Classical Crossover Music Chart in 2009. This project is scheduled to be finished in 9 months.

The idea came to Bertolozzi when his wife was imitating his energetic percussion style in front of a poster of the Eiffel Tower. She hit the poster, intoned a “boing,” and creativity emerged.



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