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Do treadmills lead the way to greater creative productivity? New Yorker writer and author Susan Orlean picks up on a recent trend in her recent article. She’s not the latest writer to get used to writing on the move. A.J. Jacobs also wrote about the phenomenon in Drop Dead Healthy, though his was of the more jerry rigged version, a Craigslist treadmill with crates and boards. The more deluxe versions go for thousands of dollars.

While treadmill desks may be new, the standing desk is an old standby. Winston Churchill used one for many years. While not a paragon of fitness, Churchill who did live into his 90’s, was a paragon of creative output. Orlean writes, that sitting “for more than two hours causes the presence of good cholesterol to drop, and, in time, insulin effectiveness plummets. This can lead to cardiovascular problems, certain kinds of cancer, depression, deep-vein thrombosis, and type-2 diabetes.” Apparently, even regular running doesn’t make up for hours at the desk. As for creativity, there’s no definitive research, but it does get the blood flowing and fiddling with the settings could prove the perfect procrastination tool.

For the record, I am sitting as I write this though I would love to give the treadmill desk a whirl. I’d love just to try one before making the commitment….

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