Nederlands: Logo internet op NS treinen

Increasingly connected at International CES (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If 2014 was the year that we all had pleasant dreams about the Internet of Things (IoT), the seamless integration of digital technology with physical items we use every day, 2015 promises to be the one that wakes us up to the reality.

Something that will be all the easier to do with this wi-fi enabled coffee maker from the aptly named brand, Smarter, which will be unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next week.

This is a product that perfectly sums up the oddly exciting potential of IoT, a trend that highlights the most mundane tasks of our daily routine and infuses them with the promise of new technology.

Setting a timer on your current coffee maker isn’t all that exciting. But hook it up to wi-fi, add an app and have a freshly-brewed pot triggered as you awake or walk in the door? All of a sudden that’s the Jetsons!

Because of both its stature in the industry and timing towards the start of the year, International CES is a pivotal part of event calendar for companies far beyond the tech sector.

Although it has arguably lost some of its luster in recent years for full product launches – and even those that are heavily showcased aren’t guaranteed to see the light of day – the media attention CES is afforded as journalists rush back from the seasonal slowdown makes it an attractive place for many new products and nascent technologies to get on the radar. Like SXSW for musicians and movie makers, CES can be something of a lottery, but that doesn’t stop thousands of hopefuls from buying a ticket to be in with a shot.

With the Internet of Things applicable to so many industries and promising to change the way we all live, CES has an opportunity to re-position itself as the critical catalyst for any number of products in the year to come. If enough companies come to realize the attention they can get this early in the year (and if enough consumers care about hooking up every available device to the Internet), there’s every chance that this could be the year for IoT to move from dream to reality.

And if there’s automated coffee and bacon available, it’s chances are all the better.


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