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Sometimes inventions are so startlingly obvious, you have nightmares at not thinking of them first. When creativity meets technology, nothing is impossible. For example Oscar Mayer + iPhone = bacon in the bedroom. Of course you want to wake up with bacon… who doesn’t?

Except vegetarians. And vegans. And a large number of folks faithful to their religion.

Oh, and guys with girlfriends. But everyone else  has waited too long!

One possible warning from history (well, 2012) comes in the form of the ‘Wake’n Bacon’ product:

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This idea was unfortunately shot down on hit TV show Shark Tank, showing that the genius of certain technology is too much for some to take. With a big name brand and Apple fans on their side, however, there’s every chance that this brave new world of bacon-scented bedrooms  will be with us sooner than expected.

Now all that’s left is for Oscar Mayer to check whether the inventor owns the intellectual property rights to the brilliant ‘Wake’n Bacon’ name.