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The opening of BRIC House will give Brooklyn another creativity another boost.

Brooklyn is already known as a haven for artists and the creatively-minded, a reputation which receives a boost this week with the opening of BRIC Arts and Media House. The venture is an exciting mixture of creativity and technology, aiming to provide a home base for artists spread across the borough and beyond.

Located on the edge of Fort Greene and downtown Brooklyn, a vibrant cultural section that houses the Brooklyn Academy of Music and various other arts organizations, the new space promises to blend traditional rehearsal and studio facilities with cutting edge technology. There are any number of creative spaces, venues, studios and the like around the borough, but having so many features on offer under one roof – and in an accessible location – is an important addition to the city’s creative sector. Furthermore, BRIC is the not-for-profit behind hallmark cultural events such as the annual ‘Celebrate Brooklyn!’ performances in Prospect Park. Anyone who has attended one of these diverse, expansive nights will confirm that the organization is up to the task of driving forward arts projects big and small.

One of the most promising creative aspects of BRIC House is its commitment to multidisciplinary art programs. The opening calendar covers everything from an interactive puppet show, with integrated music and film elements, to  community dance and music events. The center also forges a partnership with Urban Glass, an innovative organization that dedicates resources to artists working exclusively through the medium of glass.

With such a significant focus on New York’s buzzing movie scene in recent years, the commitment that BRIC House makes to “state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment –supporting high-quality production values,” looks set to be an important development space for visual artists and film makers. There is plenty of work to be found as television shows find newly enthused audiences and Hollywood seeks to feed movie-goers with increasingly innovative productions, making a facility that allows emerging professionals some room to hone their craft especially valuable.

The facility opens this Thursday (October 3rd) and will spill out onto the streets with a celebratory block party. If you’re in the area, it’s sure to be an art party worth attending!
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