Alex Winter

(Photo: Kickstarter)

Bitcoin is the topic of a documentary being produced by Alex Winter, once known as the Bill half of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. We’re talking about it here because it’s a topic that combines several topics near and dear to us. It’s a documentary (and Gotham Media started off life as a documentary production company). It’s exploring the dark side of bitcoin, which we have written about on this blog before. And, it’s raising funds on Kickstarter. To be honest, the Bill & Ted pedigree is also raises some fond memories of younger days.

Alex honed his doc chops producing the extremely well received film Downloaded. Downloaded focused on the rise and fall of file sharing service Napster, receiving excellent reviews at SXSW last year. In the pursuit of transparency, we just made a Kickstarter contribution to the Bitcoin initiative. With 27 days to go the project has raised over $7,000 of it’s $75,000 ask.


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