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Looking for Banksy in NYC. This one’s from the UK


Love him or loathe him, it’s impossible to ignore the growing stature of Banksy, this creator of iconic graffiti. Fueled by his 2010 documentary ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop‘ and a long held aversion to being identified, Banksy has risen to a point where his work is instantly recognizable, even if he himself is not. Buzz has been growing about his return since his banksy.co.uk website changed its design last month. That URL now redirects to www.banksyny.com, leading visitors to his announcement of a month-long October residency on the streets of NYC.


That’s just the beginning of the artist leaning on technology to support his creative endeavors, however. Early indications are that this could be something of a tour-de-force in trans-media marketing (we’re sure Banksy would label it just that way…), with mini-sites, hashtags, and even a toll-free telephone line rolled out to inform and delight intrigued fans. Accordingly, visual streams on Twitter and Instagram are already filling up with the kind of organic buzz that money can rarely buy. A great example of giving fans the tools but leaving them to build the experience for themselves.


Tweet embed with hashtag:


#banksyny in chinatown, updated with exact location: http://t.co/PAUQtSFozs pic.twitter.com/5iHs6bDSjW via @villagevoice @RunninScaredNYC


— Tom Finkel (@t_fin) October 1, 2013


Twitter hashtag stream: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23banksyny


Instagram hashtag stream: http://statigr.am/tag/banksyny/


The potential for evolving artwork around the city, eagerly pursued by those who want to spot both the pieces and their creator, is a perfect fit for the real-time reveal factor of social media. The story is just beginning and we certainly plan to keep an eye on the various #banksyny streams in the days and weeks to come.


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