U.S. Supreme Court building.

U.S. Supreme Court building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The U.S. Supreme Court will review the case that television broadcasters have brought against Aereo. The news broke late this afternoon that the Court would hear the case. Aereo is a technology company that enables viewers to access content via an antenna without directly compensating the broadcasters.

Copyright Alliance CEO Sandra Aistars just released a statement about the Court’s decision:

On behalf of the millions of artists, creators and innovators represented by our membership, the Copyright Alliance welcomes the Supreme Court’s decision to review the Aereo case.  The decision by the Second Circuit in ABC v. Aereo has the effect of creating perverse incentives for companies to deploy lawyer- engineered, “Rube Goldberg” like technology that evades the law for the sole purpose of driving profits for the owners of those companies, without benefitting either the public or returning just compensation to creators.  We are confident that the Supreme Court will maintain the integrity of the copyright laws and ensure that the goals set by the Founders- to promote the development and dissemination of creative works – are achieved.

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