TAG logo (PRNewsFoto/Trustworthy Accountability Group)

TAG logo (PRNewsFoto/Trustworthy Accountability Group)

We reported earlier this year on the creation of a new entity in the advertising world, the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), which aims to stamp out ad fraud online.

That includes targeting piracy sites, malware distributors, ads with inappropriate content, and any other delivery issue that makes for a negative consumer experience.

After navigating the early organizational challenges of structure and strategic direction, TAG now has 30 board members on board, representing the key sectors that its work aims to serve: brand advertisers, media companies, advertising agencies and ad tech firms.

The latest board additions are:

  • Krishan Bhatia, EVP of business operations and strategy at NBCUniversal;
  • Joan Gillman, EVP and COO of Time Warner Cable Media;
  • John Kosner, EVP of digital and print media at ESPN;
  • Joe Marchese, president of advanced advertising products at Fox;
  • Rob Master, VP, global media of categories and partnerships at Unilever;
  • and Michael Rubinstein, president of AppNexus.

The ad industry has struggled to contain the trend towards good money gone bad, which refers to ad industry dollars from legitimate sources being co-opted by sites on which they were never intended to appear. In some cases, advertisers only recourse is to pull funds from an entire ad network if they suspect their adverts are appearing in unwanted locations, or alongside unpleasant content.

TAG is designed to curb that concern, with ratings systems for ad distribution platforms and ad tech that can track performance. With a diverse group of members now at the helm, the TAG board has the insight and experience to drive the programs behind its agenda.

That progress can’t come too soon, as reports continue to show ad fraud and piracy to be a multi-million dollar industry.