The Copyright Alliance has a new head at the helm, with the news that Keith Kupferschmid will take over the role of CEO from October 1st, 2015. He take the place of Sandra Aistars, who has served the organization admirably since her appointment in 2011. 

Joining from his current role as General Counsel and SVP, Intellectual Property at SIAA, he brings the kind of tech-focused intelligence that (look no further than our call for a Copyright Office fit for the 21st Century, if you need proof!)

keith kupferschmid - Copyright Alliance

Keith Kupferschmid will head up Copyright Alliance from October 1st, 2015 — Image Credit: Copyright Alliance

The organization’s new face in its fight for better copyright brings with him 20 years of experience providing legal and business expertise on issues involving IP policy and questions around enforcement. His broad knowledge of patent, copyright and trademark laws will of course inform his new position well, but it is his experience and practical know how across diverse industries that offer yet another perspective for the creators he strives to serve through the Copyright Alliance.

As he himself terms it, “the ability to communicate effectively to both legal and non-legal audiences” will be a significant advantage  as we try to update copyright law for the digital world. That involves describing the creative challenges, rights and requirements of artists to everyone from lawmakers to lay people, which is a considerable task when you consider the sheer number of stakeholders involved across the arts and active in government.

Board Chair of the Copyright Alliance, David Green, had this to say about the organization’s exciting new appointment:

“[Keith] brings with him not only his vast knowledge of copyright law, but also experiences in enforcement and other member services that should serve the Alliance membership well in the future. 

Keith has demonstrated time and time again that he ably represents the interests of not just the larger corporate creative interests but individual creators as well.”

We welcome Mr. Kupferschmid to the copyright advocacy family and look forward to amplifying his initiatives, online and offline, for the benefit of creative talents around the country.